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ACTech Ltd undertakes the installation of electrical and automation systems. Depending on the type of installation, the works can take place in dry docks, anchorages or during sea travel. The works are carried out by our engineers, under the guidance of experienced supervisors and are carefully planned in order to comply with the regulations of the classification societies, as well as the customer’s requirements.

Safety protocols are always strictly followed, combined with the use of protection gear and equipment of the highest quality, lead to an accident-free working environment for our employees.

Installation materials such as marine cables, cable ties, metallic enclosures, insulation materials are supplied by our company, mainly from well established manufacturers such as Helkama, Elematic, Rittal and 3M among others.

Below is an indicative list of the systems that can be installed by our company:

  • Fire & smoke detection panels

  • Gas detection panels (pump room, ballast tanks)

  • Electrical starter panels

  • Boiler control panels

  • Temperature monitoring panels

  • Run hour meter panels

  • Cargo & Ballast tank level panels

  • ECDIS panels and UPS batteries

  • Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System

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