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ACTECH - trafag_new

Trafag, Switzerland

Development, manufacturing and supply of thermostats, pressure switches, pressure transmitters/sensors and gas density controllers/transmitters.

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ACTECH - marinelec_new


Marinelec Technologies is a specialist of electronic security equipments for the maritime sector.

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ACTECH - bemac_new

BEMAC / Uzushio, Japan

Manufacturer of main switch boards, group starter panels, machinery alarm and monitoring system and cargo management systems.

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ACTECH - cmr

CMR, France

Design, manufacturing, and service of instrumentation and controls for offshore platforms and vessels, marine engines and industrial applications with long experience in the field.

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ACTECH - georgin_new


GEORGIN is a well reputed specialist manufacturing a full range of control and safety devices designed for the industrial market and mainly for harsh environments.

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ACTECH - deiflogo_new

DEIF A/S, Denmark

DEIF focuses on the distributed power and shipbuilding industries by developing and providing products which are ahead of competitors in both technology and quality.

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ACTECH - e2s-logo_new

E2S, United Kingdom

E2S is one of the world’s leading independent manufacturers of signalling devices specialising in the design, development and manufacture of high performance audible and visual signals.

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ACTECH - nivelco_new

NIVELCO, Hungary

Nivelco specializes in the manufacturing of a big variety of high quality level switches, which are designed to meet the industrial standards, in hazardous environments.

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TOHO Electronics, Japan

TOHO Electronics Inc. is a world leading expert on managing “temperature,” offering cutting-edge temperature controlling technologies renowned for high quality and reliability.

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