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Our company offers the service of calibration and certification of measuring and control equipment. The works can take place on LNG carriers, oil tankers, bulk carriers, power plants as well as in our laboratory, for portable equipment.

All calibrations are carried out with the use of high precision instruments made by high profile manufacturers, such as Fluke, Wika, Beamex and Sika. Following the calibration, a certificate of good functioning is issued for each of the calibrated equipment.

Our service engineers are capable of calibrating the following machinery, among others:

  • Gauge & absolute pressure transmitters

  • Differential pressure transmitters

  • Level transmitters

  • Presssure gauges

  • Pressure controllers

  • Temperature sensors

  • Temperature gauges

  • Temperature calibrators

  • CCR panel gauges & meters

  • AUS (Automatic Unloading System) machinery

  • Valve positioners