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What can we offer?

Our company specializes in the installation of new systems and the upgrade of existing ones on vessels of various types, sizes and age. Several examples are Motor Tankers, Motor Vessels and plenty private owned yachts / megayachts. The 4 basic steps we follow for any retrofit project or new system installation are as follows:

Our Major Systems

  • Main Engine & Auxiliary Engines alarm and monitoring
  • Safety systems for M.E and Auxiliary engines and turbines
  • Main Engine remote control and propulsion
  • Boilers’ automation
  • Automated cargo, ballast and ER tanks loading and unloading for Oil Tankers
  • Automated Ballast and ER tanks loading and unloading of Bulk carriers
  • Cargo Tanks High level and Overfill protection 95% and 98%
  • Cargo tanks level, temperature, pressure and vacuum monitoring
  • Ballast tanks and draft level measurement
  • Cargo oil and ballast pumps operation, monitoring and protection systems
  • Pump room monitoring and automated systems for inert gas control
  • Gas detection in pump room, ballast tanks, void spaces and non-hazardous areas
  • Cargo holds water ingress detection systems
  • Forepeak tank and dry spaces dewatering
  • MSB – Low voltage switchboards for any power requirements
  • Power distribution panels
  • Emergency switchboards Group starter systems
  • Fire detection in hazardous and non-hazardous areas
  • Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm
  • ER Dead- man alarm system
  • Custom made digital recorders for any application