M/E Maneuvering System Overhauling

/M/E Maneuvering System Overhauling
M/E Maneuvering System Overhauling 2018-07-01T12:58:38+00:00

The remote control of the Main Engine is one of the most important aspects of marine automation, as it determines whether the vessel will navigate safely through narrow passages as well as in the open sea – therefore, it should be treated by the right hands.

Our service engineers carry out the overhauling of the M/E maneuvering system, with their obtained experience over several years of attendances during special surveys, being the warranty of customer satisfaction and seagoing safety. The attendances take place in shipyards around the globe and the service engineers remain on board during sea trials, to ensure the correct operation of the system.

All the parts used are genuine products of high profile manufacturers, such as Bosch Rexroth, Aventics, Nabco, Haewon, Seitz and Bo Kyong.

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